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What We Offer

With Shopwaive, get access to powerful tools that integrate seamlessly into your existing CRM and ERP to create ultra-converting checkouts.

Workflows That Work

Connect Klaviyo with Shopwaive to automate powerful SMS messaging and Email notifications.

All-In-One Solution

Currency, points, or tokens. With Shopwaive, offer your customers rewards, refunds, or cash that can only be spent on your store.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Our team is here when you need us. Our team typically responds within 24 hours and can offer help with setup and automation

Smart Automation Tools

Design editor for complete customization. Create Email templates, get access to our API, and much more.

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Waive, AI Checkout tool
Shopwaive analytics

A must-have AI tool

We provide our clients with unmatched versatility in Payments, Store credit, Subscriptions, Checkout, Business data analytics and visualization, Cloud services, Database storage, Front-end APIs, Messaging and ID verification services. 

NPM Library

with CRM



Shopwaive Checkou

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Accelerate growth and sales. Connect with Shopwaive to reach a global audience. We design powerful Checkout experiences trusted by industry-leading e-commerce brands.

Shopwaive Checkout



Every month

Valid until canceled
7 day free trial

Ecommerce Platform Orders Integration with Shopwaive API

Custom currency and payments at Checkout

Custom pop-ups, upsells, and email automations

Easy Fulfillment Order tags & note attributes

Checkout development and technical support

Explore Our Pricing Options

Need a fully custom solution? Contact our team for a complimentary consultation to discuss business solutions and seamless integrations with Shopwaive. Email us today at

  • New!

    Shopwaive Credit

    Every month
     7 day free trial
    • All that comes with Plus, AND
    • $0.25 per month per customer credit account
    • Design and create templates with HTML Editor
    • Unlock powerful Klaviyo Email & SMS Flows, Open API

Get Ready to Maximize Your CRM With Our Customer Credit Solutions

Shopwaive integrates with Klaviyo
AI Checkout tool
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